A warehouse stores several coils of different specifications of annealed wires.

Workable U Type Annealed Wire

U type anneal wires are mainly used to bind reinforced bars together in the construction industry for its premium performance of flexibility, corrosive resistance as well as attractive appearance. In recent years, U type binding wires are found great popularity in homes, enterprises and leisure entertainment.

U type tying wire is manufactured by annealed low carbon steel wire which possesses better ductility and workability. Galvanized, PVC coated and black annealed tie wires offer multiple choices for special purposes. Any length can be supplied. Sizes range from 0.8 mm to 1.6 mm while lengths 250 mm to 600 mm. Different dimensions required can be customized.

Note: Slight oil is applied to prevent rust during transportation.

Black U type annealed wire widely used in construction

U Type Annealed Wire

Galvanized U Type Baling Wire suitable for corrosive environment

Galvanized U Type Wire

U type binding wire with green PVC coating avoiding external corrosion

PVC coated U Type Tying Wire

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