A warehouse stores several coils of different specifications of annealed wires.

Workable and Durable PVC Coated Annealed Wire

PVC coated wire in yellow, blue, grey and white

Green PVC coated annealed wire

Annealing alters inside structure of low carbon steel, strengthening ductility and relieving stress. Thus, annealed wire is ideal for tying wire, straight and cut wire, U type wire, rebar tie wire and similar items. However, when encountered by harsh environment, common steel is easy to rust.

PVC coating is designed to protect base steel wire from external corrosion. PVC coated wire can withstand extreme weathering, ultraviolet rays, corrosion of alkali and some acids. As a result of PVC coating, annealed wire has a far broader application than before. In addition, colorful PVC coated wire is often considered as a decorative element in modern times.

Product description:

  • Material: low carbon steel.
  • Treatment: annealed, galvanized and PVC coated.
  • Color: Green, red, blue, yellow or any color.
  • Wire Dia.: 0.71 mm to 4.06 mm.
  • Wire Gauge: SWG.8 to SWG.23.
  • Packaging: 5 kg/coil, 10 kg/coil, 25 kg/coil or as required, plastic inside and plastic bag outside.

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