A warehouse stores several coils of different specifications of annealed wires.

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U type binding wire with green PVC coating avoiding external corrosion

U Type Wire

U type annealed wires are widely used in binding rebar in construction. Galvanized, PVC coated, and black u type wires are supplied.

Blue PVC coated rebar tie wire, 16 gauge

Rebar Tie Wire

Rebar tie wires are fabricated by soft annealed low carbon steel and used in tying construction rebar. Zinc coating and PVC coating available.

PVC coated wire in yellow, blue, grey and white

PVC Coated Annealed Wire

PVC coated annealed wire can be used as rebar tie wire, loop baling wire, u type wire. Its excellent corrosive resistance makes it better for harsh environment.

Electro galvanized annealed wire, 18 gauge

Galvanized Annealed Wire

Galvanized annealed wire, including electro and hot-dip galvanization, is applied a protective film outside base metal in case of further corrosion.

Black annealed wire, 16 gauge, low carbon steel wire

Black Annealed Wire

Black annealed wire is made of annealed low carbon steel wire. Increasing ductility and workability makes it broad usage in construction, agriculture, etc.

Yellow PVC coating baling annealed wire

Annealed Tie Wire

Annealed tie wires can be grouped into galvanized, PVC coated and non-coated. They are widely used in construction industry and other purpose.

Green PVC coated straight cut wire

Straightened and Cut Annealed Wire

Straightened and cut annealed wires are popular in tying construction materials for better flexibility. Various sizes and lengths for your choices.