A warehouse stores several coils of different specifications of annealed wires.

Galvanized Annealed Wire Resolve Corrosive Problems

Galvanized annealed wire is suitable for corrosive working environment. Zinc coating is applied to annealed low carbon steel wire in order to prevent rusting.

Zinc coating forms a physical barrier on the metal to be protected. When exposed to the atmosphere, a series of chemical action occur and finally zinc carbonate is created. Zinc carbonate protects base metal from further corrosion. According to galvanization processes, there are two types including electro and hot-dip.


  • Material: Low carbon steel wire.
  • Wire diameter: 0.50 mm to 6.0 mm (BWG25-BWG4).
  • Finish: Zinc coating.
  • Packaging: 0.3 kg/coil - 50 kg/coil plastic inside, hessian cloth or weaving bags outside.
Electro galvanized annealed wire, 18 gauge

Annealed electro galvanized wire

Hot dipped galvanized annealed wire, 25kg/coils

Hot dipped galvanized annealed steel wire

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