Flexible annealed tie wire makes tying easier

Tie wire is a kind of drawn wire from low carbon steel. To improve its flexibility and ductility, low carbon tie wire is always annealed. According to different subsequent treatment processes, galvanized, PVC coated and black annealed baling wire. They are mainly used in construction industry for its optimum workability. Today they are still popular among homes and entertainment places.

Zinc coated and PVC coated binding wire possesses better performance against corrosion to adapt to different harsh environments.

Besides excellent corrosive resistance, bright or colorful appearance adds attractiveness to the places where used.

Product Description:

  • Material: Low carbon steel
  • Wire Dia: 0.7mm to 5.5mm
  • Wire Gauge: SWG3 to SWG23
  • Tensile strength: 305 - 700N/m2
  • Finish: Annealed, galvanized and PVC coated
  • Packaging: 1.5kg/coil, 10kg/coil, 25kg/coil and 50kg/coil, plastic film inside and woven bag outside
Black annealed tie wire in coils, Dia 0.7mm to 5.5mm
Black annealed tie wire
Yellow PVC coating baling annealed wire
PVC coated baling wire
Bright galvanized baling wire in coils, possessing excellent corrosive resistance
Galvanized baling wire

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