Black annealed wire is used to decorate Christmas tree for its invisible feature
U type binding wire, black, galvanized, pvc coated
Annealed wire factory
Double loop tie wires are easy to tie rebar with the help of twister
Galvanized straight and cut annealed wire

Diverse annealed wires for your special choice

Annealing alters inside structure of steel wire, thus increasing ductility and flexibility allow for better workability and durability. Hence, annealed steel wire embraces quite a broad application in construction, industries and houses.

How many types of annealed wire are supplied?
Owing to better workability, Ruiwanda has developed a great number of products including galvanized and PVC coated wire, rebar tie wire, straighten cut wire, u type wire and other similar items. They are often found in construction, homes and industries.

What benefits you get from us?

  • Timely delivery
    High productive capacity makes timely delivery possible. More than 200 employees and advanced machines ensure timely delivery.
  • Competitive price
    We have been committed to small profits and quick returns. This will bring win-win for both supplier and purchaser.

Ruiwanda has been in this area for more than 30 years. It is very clear about which products are suitable for your application. What is more, it can provide custom services for special requirements.

For special order or any problem with annealed wires, please kindly contact us without hesitation. You will get our reply in 6 hours.

U Type Wire

U type annealed wires are widely used in binding rebar in construction. Galvanized, PVC coated, and black u type wires are supplied.

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Rebar Tie Wire

Rebar tie wires are fabricated by soft annealed low carbon steel and used in tying construction rebar. Zinc coating and PVC coating available.

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PVC Coated Annealed Wire

PVC coated annealed wire can be used as rebar tie wire, loop baling wire, u type wire. Its excellent corrosive resistance makes it better for harsh environment.

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